Joseph W. McCloskey Memorial Gift Fund

The Joseph W. McCloskey Memorial Gift Fund has been designated to support a sophomore or junior student at Central High School to enter an enrichment summer program in the humanities or music that may also take the student out of the city, to experience life elsewhere. 

Many such programs exist through universities, but the opportunities through Central High, afforded to our students, are due to the financial support and commitment of donors like you.  A faculty committee that includes the class advisors will select the student through an application process; the chosen student, in consultation with the advisor, will choose a program that meets the humanities/music criteria. The selected student will demonstrate both talent and interest as well as a need for the funding to follow their ambition.   

Please make your gift today to enable AACHS to continue to enhance our student experience, to support our educators, and to sustain the long-standing traditions and mission at Central High School. 

To learn more or find out other ways in which you can make a contribution or share your story of Uncle Joe, please go to the Joseph W. McCloskey Memorial Fund gift page. Thank you!